99 Scholars animation award

Win a prize before the conference starts!

Make an animated presentation

The media company 99 Scholars have offered a prize conference presenters in the form of coaching to make a 3 minute video of the content of an individual presentation (talk or poster). Any presenter is eligible to compete, junior and senior researchers.

Their own promotion film can be seen on YouTube (captions only, no voice over). The company has experience of making such videos for academic material, for example with the UK universities. An example of their output can be seen on YouTube (with voice over or with subtitles).

If you wish to have the chance of winning this prize, you need to do the following:

  1. Submit a 400 word script of what you wish to present in your video by April 15th, 23h CET, by email to Anne Baker (a.e.baker@uva.nl). (see pdf giving an example of a script). Note that this script should be very different from a condensed abstract! Have a look at some examples of people describing their thesis research in a three-minute video to get some ideas about your video.
  2. For the selected winner: Be able to work with 99 Scholars from the beginning of May, when the decision as to the winner will be made known, until the conference where the winning presentation will be shown on the first day at the opening ceremony. Exchange will take place via internet etc., but you have to be able to provide the visual material. Your signed text, preferably in International Sign, will have to be filmed after consultation as to the content. Your presentation will of course also be made accessible by being captioned.

General information on increasing your online presence is also available in a Powerpoint format:


The company will also be available for consultation on a stand at the conference and can provide everyone with top tips for raising your research profile.

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