Travelling between Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) and Amsterdam city centre

Trains leave every 10-15 minutes from Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) for Amsterdam Central Station. The average journey time from the Airport to Amsterdam or vice versa is about 20 minutes. The fastest intercity connection takes 13 minutes.

Train tickets can be purchased from counters at the train station (in the main hall of the airport), or from ticket vending machines (with coins or ATM/Credit cards) or in advance via the Dutch Railways website at Return tickets are cheaper than one-way tickets, although you should check their validity period – a standard return ticket is only valid on the same day. Weekend return tickets are available and these are valid from Friday afternoon to and including Sunday.

Travel passes (public transport smart card) can be purchased to which you transfer credit. This pass can be used for travel on trains, buses, trams and metros. See instructions on

Note that the difference between first and second class travel in trains is negligible, although first class could be more comfortable during rush hour, when trains tend to be overcrowded.

There is a fine for travelling on the train without a valid ticket.

By taxi: The taxi rank is located the arrival hall. The journey usually takes  less than 25 minutes and costs  about 35 Euro.

Travelling within Amsterdam


With 600,000 bikes shared amongst the 750,000 residents, there are bikes everywhere in Amsterdam. Cycling is a way of life and bikes are used for everyday transport, whether commuting to work in a business suit, shopping for groceries or getting the kids to school. The 400 kilometers of bike lanes and paths in Amsterdam alone make it easy for visitors to experience the city by bike for themselves. There are bike-hire shops everywhere. Be careful as a pedestrian that you are aware of bike lanes and do not think they are for you to walk along.

Amsterdam Public Transport System

Although the city centre’s compact size means that most areas and sights are within walking distance of each other, Amsterdam’s public transport network (called ‘GVB’, a Dutch acronym) is efficient, reliable, inexpensive and widely used. One million passengers criss-cross the city by tram, bus, underground metro line and ferry every day. Please note that due to the construction of a new underground line parts of and around the Amsterdam Central Station are inaccessible.


Throughout the city centre, and in front of Central Station there are taxi stands, although it is also possible to hail taxis. We advise you not to take a taxi for a short trip in the city since this is usually very expensive.

The main taxi company of Amsterdam is TCA (Taxi Centrale Amsterdam).

Telephone number: +31 20 777 7777.