Poster guidelines

When to hang up your poster

Please hang up your poster on the day of your presentation in the morning and remove at the close of the session.

Poster size

Maximally A0 (portrait): 841 (width) by 1,189 (height) millimetres

Please keep in mind that an effective poster is a visual communication tool.

  • Visit for suggestions about creating and organizing an effective poster.
  • Divide the contents of your poster into appropriate sections:
    • Title and authors; affiliation(s)
    • Context/background
    • Research question
    • Methods
    • Data and results
    • Conclusion
    • References (if at all; can also be provided on the back of a handout version)
    • Brief acknowledgment (if any)
  • Headings above each section should indicate its contents and identify the appropriate sequence for viewing the poster, using clearly visible numbers, letters or arrows.
  • Font size of no less than 20 for your text and no less than 36 for headings, since most viewers will be standing at least three feet away from your poster. Use larger lettering for the poster’s title (at least 2 in/ 5 cm high). Avoid fonts that utilize script or are difficult to read. If hand lettering is required, use felt-tip black ink.
  • Written text should be concise. Save unessential but helpful or interesting secondary points for discussion with your viewers.
  • Graphs, charts and tables are the centerpiece of your poster. Simple, clean graphics communicate relationships quickly. Write explanations or legend directly on figures.
  • Your printed conclusions should permit observers to focus on a concise statement of your central findings that lends itself to informal discussion.
  • Avoid bright colored backgrounds.

Bring 20-40 copies of your poster printed on regular paper (e.g., US letter or A4 format) for distribution. If you print your poster on this size paper, you should be able to read all of it, including text in figures, comfortably. If you can’t, your text is too small on the large poster print as well.

You are encouraged to use a laptop in order to illustrate your poster content.

A notepad may be useful for taking names and addresses of people interested in your research. Also consider bringing business cards, e.g. attached to your handouts.

Each poster is assigned a place number. Posters will be located in the foyer of the ‘Atrium’ building. Posters can be set up from 9:00 am on the day they are scheduled for presentation. Although posters can be viewed any time during the day, poster discussion takes place in the afternoon, at 16:00 – 18:00h. Drinks and snacks are served. The responsible author must be present near the poster to interact with conference attendees during this designated poster session time. Posters are taken down after 18:00. You are also encouraged to use your own laptop for showing data.

Pushpins to attach your poster will be supplied. Do not use screws or adhesive tape.