Student poster award

Student Poster Award Competition

Three awards will be given for poster presentations during ICSLA 2015.

Procedure to enter the competition
The competition is open only to MA students and PhD candidates. You must be first author of the poster and be attending the conference.

In order to enter the competition, send a completed version of your poster in PDF by June 22nd 23.00 CET to Anne Baker ( If the size of the file is too large to be accepted, please use WeTransfer.

The poster as presented during ICSLA2015 must be close to identical to the version submitted. Deadline for submission is June 22, 2015.

You can only submit one poster.


The judges from the selection committee will first make a pre-selection based on the submitted poster. They will then attend the poster presentation of those selected. Their decision for the final prizes will depend not only on the quality of the poster itself but also on your ability to present it and answer questions.

The three prize winners will be announced during the Closing Ceremony on Friday afternoon, July 3rd.

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